Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Curly Top Virus & Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Curly Top Virus

Jeff Schalau, Yavapai County Cooperative Extension Agent has identified cucumber mosaic virus and curly top virus as affecting vegetables in the Verde Valley.  You can get more information by checking out this “Backyard Gardening” article.  (August 1, 2012)

Beet leafhoppers are the source of curly top virus and are common in our area.  When a plant is infected the leaves pucker and are stunted.  The leaves curl and roll upward and the main leaf petiole curves downward.  Leaves look leathery and the veins turn purple while the areas between the veins yellow. 
Cucumber Mosaic Virus

Cucumber mosaic virus can infect tomatoes also.  Aphids spread the virus.  Leaves become mottled and yellow.  New leaves become twisted and curl downward and develop a “shoestring” look.  Plants become stunted and produce only small quantities of fruit.

In both cases once the problem is identified, the plants should be removed immediately.  Do not compost the plants.  The viruses are not carried in the soil so you can replant where the disease plant was growing.  Keeping weeds down may also help prevent the disease.

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