Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monsoon Madness 2012

Article by Angela Mazella   Photos by Steve McIntyre 

This year we got the Monsoon rain without the madness. Like clockwork the rains came at the very opening of this year’s plant sale. It kept the number of customers down (from 704 last year to 504 this year), but surprisingly didn’t hurt our bottom line. The customers came steadily through the day so we missed the usual madness. The half price part of the sale didn’t happen until almost closing. Well at least we didn’t have to water the plants or hydrate our volunteers and customers. 
        The Master Gardener Association really came through with over 1200 plants this year. And they were beautiful with a great variety. Herbs were especially plentiful. Thanks to all the plant makers! We supplemented this with 180 plants from Mountain States and most of them sold as well. 
There were some great garden accessories too. An electric lawn mower, numerous tools and wheel barrows sold well. The rain didn’t stop the tool sharpening operation. They again did a whopping $366 worth of it. 
Thanks to John Mazella and Jeff Schalau and his jazz band for the entertainment. Luckily they managed to keep dry while playing great music. 
This year the committee purchased some tables since we would not be able to access the tables provided by the county. Another step towards self sufficiency for the plant sale. Expenses totaled $1623 and gross sales exceeded last year by $200. This gave us net profits this year of $4717. Only $100 less than last year. We are amazed. Thanks to all the volunteers who made the day possible. I would like to name all 82 of you but have run out of space. It looked like they were all having a good time despite the rain. My impression from speaking to the public is that the Master Gardener Association annual Monsoon Madness plant sale has made it to the must do events in Prescott. Our reputation is so good that everyone asks us when the next sale is. 

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