Sunday, October 25, 2009

Master Gardener Picnic

Each year the Master Gardeners recognize those volunteers who have reached certain benchmarks in their service.  This is a great time for everyone to sit down and have some fun too!  Go to the flickr link to see more pictures.

Service awards went to: 

4000 hours—Mary Barnes

2000 hours—Jeanette Teets

1500 hours—Richard Wise

1000 hours—Evelyn Becker, Elinor Benes, Bob Burke, Kathy MacCauley, Herdis MacLellan, Eunice Rickleffs

500 hours—Cynthia Cartier-Roberts, Angella Mazella, Sherry Morton, Janet Schieber, Sue Smith, Tom Watkins, Anna Wilson, Carlon Woodson

250 hours—Lesley Alward, John Doyle, Jay Fleishman, Kay Gaffney, Lynn Hazlewood, Connie Loving, Janey Mansoldo, Douglas McMillan, Cathy Michener, Faith Roelofs, Cheri Romley, Terry Stewart, Joan Tyler.

150 hours—Debbie Allen, Bev Bostram, Judy Cowan, Ken Earls, Bobbie Jo Gooslin, Michele Herrick, Betty Loos, Jane McGraw, Scotty Miller, Steve Moody, Jean Norris, Jean O'Laughlin, Jackie Rizzo, Paul Schnur, Ginny Shugars, Mary Smith, Linda Sunstad, Karen Wagley

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  1. I heard today that Mary Barnes has been awarded the President's Lifetime Achievement Award for 4,000 hours of volunteer time as volunteer coordinator for the Yavapai Master Gardener Association. Congratulations Mary! I have always appreciated your dedication and hard work to help make volunteering a joy for the rest of us!

    Janet Schieber