Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's nearly Halloween.....

It's nearly Halloween and I still have tomatoes, peppers and basil growing.  When I first started gardening, by this time, we had usually had a hard frost and all things like the tomatoes, peppers and basil were long gone.  This year, like last year, the frost has come late.  Last year I didn't have a hard frost until mid-November.  Unfortunately because of the shortened days and cooler temperatures things like tomatoes and peppers don't ripen quickly but just two days ago I picked another tasty batch.  The weatherman says it is going to cool down in the next few days with Wednesday night getting to 27°F.  End of the basil, peppers and tomatoes for sure.  I'll likely cut some more basil for drying and pesto and pick the peppers but I'm not much of a green tomato person so lots of tomatoes will end up in the trash pile.  It's the fate of most gardeners here because tomatoes seem to be most prolific in the fall instead of the summer.  The hot weather really limits them.  On the plus side my garlic is up along with lettuce, eating peas and the sweet peas.  The garden goes on!

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