Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Website & Plant Database

Yavapai County Cooperative Extension

Jeff Schalau and Mary Barnes have finished the conversion of the horticulture information to the new website.  Jeff says that this page will likely take longer to load and there are some other things that aren't as user friendly but there are pluses to the new site.  At the top of the page is a link to Extension publications.  Look to the menu at the left for the horticulture page.  If you have bookmarks to the old site you can still use them but first you will reach a page that will redirect you to the new site.  Take a few minutes and bookmark these new links.


There are some differences from the old one so I recommend you spend a bit of time exploring. To get to the main horticulture page use the link below. You can find Jeff's newpaper columns here, a terrific resource since it is searchable.


From there you can find the Master Gardener pages.  This is the place to find the reporting forms, both electronic and not.  There is also a link to the Arizona Master Gardener Manual, this blog, forms to apply to become a Master Gardener, the Master Gardener Newsletter (there is an index for the newsletter starting in 2000) and a calender.


One link that is terrific, is the plant database.  This database was created by Master Gardener volunteers and covers around 150 native plants of Yavapai county.  It isn't a complete list, there are portions still in development but the grasses, shrubs and trees sections have a wealth of information.  The listings include several pictures of the plant, description of the species, flower characteristics and habitat information.  If you are a Yavapai County Master Gardener and would like to work on the database contact Mary Barnes.


The links to the new website are posted on the main page of the blog also.  Take some time and and explore the site, it's filled with terrific information.

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