Sunday, September 20, 2009

2009 Master Garden Conference

Flagstaff hosted this years Master Gardener Conference.  Because of the economy it was scaled back a bit, from two days to one and it was held on a Saturday.  The good news is that people flocked to the conference, there was a waiting list to attend.  Great job Flagstaff Master Gardeners!

They also scheduled a garden tour the day before the conference.  Six great gardens were on the tour, from the simple to the truly amazing.  Even though September is late for Flagstaff gardeners and they weren't at their best I would have been thrilled to have my garden look as good this late in the year.  Pictures are found at
The photos are number so all the photos labeled 1 are from the same garden and so on thru garden # 6.
One of the things I liked best are the splashes of humor, color and unexpected delights in each garden.

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